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Bearing temperature

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Bearing temperature

Post by nfhyjs on Mon May 05, 2014 3:12 am

    Bearing the maximum allowable temperature varies according to different temperature measuring point location. A type of spherical sliding bearing temperature measuring points in the bottom of the bearing, is apart from the load side around 10 mm. The temperature of the sliding bearing is generally not allowed more than 80 ℃, its alarm temperature 85 ℃, stop temperature 90 ℃.
    Should pay attention not to judge the running state of the [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] temperature alone, more important is the change of bearing temperature, should be constantly observe the change of the bearing temperature and record, if discover the bearing temperature
    Degree rise, and compared to before the numerical value of similar conditions are abnormal, must be determined to stop its reason, and eliminate it.
    Bearing with temperature measuring device, using Pt100 platinum thermal resistance temperature measurement component, temperature component lead into temperature measuring terminal box, received a thermometer on the table when using, can be to monitor the bearing temperature.
    Before the installation of cleaning. Connected to the sliding bearing assembly work is the most important principles of cleanliness.
    Remove the bearing temperature measurement with platinum thermal resistance, open bearing cover turn out the bearing shell, thoroughly clean the shaft and bearing shell and all
    Parts on antirust grease, soaked in gasoline without flannelette to wipe clean it all, inspecting the surface bearing alloy
    If there's any abnormal situation, must remove any embedded bearing alloy hard particle, the bottom of the bearing seat
    Metal particles and contaminants must be thoroughly cleaned.
    Motor axis installation standards must be magnetic axis, before delivery, factory magnetic
    The position of the center line of the force has been adjusted, should according to motor magnetic center numerical installation instruction card.
    The unilateral bearing and shaft clearance is 6 mm, the maximum allowed shaft is 12 mm.
    Empty at the beginning of the test motor, the rotor swimming back and forth, the final stable position in the center of the magnetic.
    The installation of fuel supply system: the installation of the oil supply system should be in accordance with the general principle of fuel supply system installation,
    Should have pressure gauge, thermometer, flow meter and other auxiliary instrument.
    Motor connected to the host, after the completion of load test before bearing seat cover four should be tighten
    Bolt loosening, exit pin, mild turning, automatic self-aligning ball bearings, then retightened.
    With oil pool heater motor, if the motor used in the winter in the north, in 1 hour, before starting the heater must be open, and heed the oil temperature, oil pool to ensure the oil temperature is less than 50 ℃.
    Self-lubricating bearings, should check whether the oil and the oil level, oil ring installation is correct. Circulating oil should check whether the oil supply system is working properly. Bearing on whether all bolts fastening. Bearing temperature measurement is installed correctly and working properly. Starting in the examination.
    Bearing temperature should work smoothly to a constant temperature, if the temperature is not stable, higher than the bearing to stop the machine alarm temperature should be allowed to check.
    On the bottom of the sliding bearing chamber, the connection hole should not leak. Self-lubricating bearing oil level of oil spill damage work, the serious influence the use of the bearing.
    For new bearing and heavy casting bearing metal shell, to check its composition with journal, this
    Is very important, it is recommended that the following process:
    Check the shaft neck determine its no pointed out point or scratches, if there is any oil stone is used to remove.
    Check whether the new bearing into the oil tank and the bearing inner circle border smooth transition, if any,
    By repairing the scrape.
Turn into the second half of the bearing shell, put down jack, the shaft on the second half of the bearing shell, according to the shaft running to turn three full circle, then jacking axis, and carefully to dig out the second half of the bearings. See light point pattern.


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Re: Bearing temperature

Post by olixlite on Tue Jul 22, 2014 10:45 pm

Wow! this is incredibly detailed information, you must be really good at this. This must be a project or something or a formula to something. Are you working on a project, or what is this information all about. I find it very amazing and interesting, can throw more light on what this is for or at least give a lead on this.


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