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Lubricated bearing rolling way choice

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Lubricated bearing rolling way choice Empty Lubricated bearing rolling way choice

Post by nfhyjs on Tue Oct 21, 2014 3:40 am

Commonly used for rolling bearing lubricants and 2 types such as Greece. Circular shaft speed/s, less than 4 to 5, cars, etc., cannot use the lubricating oil lubrication, lubrication is equal to Greece. The lubricating oil is a closed structure is simple, the advantages of Greece hug each other, temperature influence is not big, add 1 Greece can use for a long time.
The advantages of the lubricating oil lubrication is that in small friction resistance, heat dissipation and working environment of higher temperature bearing at a high speed. Lubricating oil brand specification requirements, choose timely replacing old cars and car care cycle oil is put forward after wash to organs and add new oil drum "regulation, be appended to the marking, filler level structure, requirements, the car party.
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Bearing is a kind of important machine parts of a mechanical equipment performance, give full play to whether the lubrication of [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.], should say is a necessary condition guarantee normal operation of bearing, lubricating oil, but improve the bearing capacity and service life of the work. What no matter what form of lubrication, moist, bearing the next effect
(1) reduce the contradiction between the metal, wear and tear.
(2) the oil film to the contact area small contact force.
(3) to ensure that contact bearing, high frequency, long, extend the life of fatigue,
(4) of the friction and eliminate the surface temperature of the bearing work, prevent burns.
(5), Switzerland the corrosion rust and dust.
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, so the accuracy of lubricating oil, Germany bearing normal boot is very important. Design the content of the main bearing lubricating oil is the determination of reasonable lubrication method, the color of the lubricating oil correctly to the capacity of liquid of quantitative calculation and oil change cycle have been identified.
Rolling bearing lubrication on the basis of the use of lubrication oil rice lubricating oil, the lubrication grease lubrication and and solid fall into three categories.
Including lubrication oil compared with other lubrication way the use of wider temperature range than for the bearing under the condition of high speed and high altitude; At the same time, the oil lubrication equipment maintenance and the replacement of the lubricating oil also has relaxed friction pair in the system, such as gear oil at the same time, the advantages of so far bearing the most use of oil lubrication.
Grease lubricant is a closed device of simple and easy, maintenance costs and lower cost of high temperature grease ", the advantages of low speed and), medium temperature to produce the bearing are now used in the universal. Especially recent anti-wear additives, lubrication performance of the improved lipid body, moist, in a wider range of applications.
If you use oil of lubricating oil and Greek bearing lubrication conditions required by or for a specific job is failed to meet the conditions, solid lubricant and new to the lubrication performance improve bearing himself.
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Bearing noise is more complex, the cause of bearing (9), the surface with the outside of the wear and tear. The wear and tear, said damaged bearing and rolling bearing and shaft into no collaboration, what lead to deviation from the right position, in the rang of high-speed motion. When bearing fatigue, its surface metal flake situation, increase the gap different bearing as a person's voice.


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