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Affecting the bearing temperature

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Affecting the bearing temperature Empty Affecting the bearing temperature

Post by nfhyjs on Mon Oct 13, 2014 3:05 am

Bearing temperature is high, easy to occur in the using process of the phenomenon. When the bearing temperature rise, the court first, such as wrong operation, whether should be taken to improve:
1. Check the cooling system pipe and hydraulic flow is normal. If the water down may not be timely processing filter jams, can stop processing, confirm can work, when to use again.
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2) to check if the governor, oil, low oil pressure may cause cooling hydraulic valve closed.
3. Control imported bearing abnormal sound check and [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] degree of abnormality.
4. Sampling observation of the oil color have change, and analyzed. Metamorphic if confirmed that should stop the change of new oil degradation.
5. Check whether the oil is normal oil brand, if abnormal, check whether the tank vent locked. If you already have tightly shut, oil should be added, if it is sealant or oil, mother should stop.
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Push the bearing damage, this is quite sensitive, seal, peeling, crack, rust, wear and bearing vibration measurement will be reflected. So, through the use of special bearing vibration (frequency analyzer measurement, etc.) of the vibration frequency is equal, through can't make exception to the size of the specific situation. The use of the result value measuring bearing conditions or sensor installation position is different, so you need to in advance and each measuring machine after the comparative analysis to determine the standard.
Then we see imported bearing temperature is high, often said bearing abnormal. High temperature is also bad for lubrication. Sometimes can be classified the self-lubricating bearing overheating. If the bearing more than 125 ℃ temperature even transfer the resources of the lower bearing for a long time. The causes of high temperature bearing include: lubrication inadequate or excessive lubrication, the lubricant. Contains impurities, load, bearing clearance is too large, damage, shortage and high friction and preservation, etc.
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So the bearing temperature monitoring is necessary, whether bearing itself or other important details. If these conditions, the temperature changes may also constantly said it had had an accident.
Bearing temperature measurement can often help you don't need, such as digital thermometer, precision bearings and Fahrenheit thermometer temperature or temperature ℃ - unit shows. When the bearing is important equipment damage, so lead to stop, so the bearing should be equipped with temperature sensors.


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