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Ball bearings built-in package requirements specifications

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Ball bearings built-in package requirements specifications Empty Ball bearings built-in package requirements specifications

Post by nfhyjs on Tue Sep 16, 2014 3:54 am

Ball packing abstract: bearing packing share packaging bearing manufacturing complete processing prevents rust cleaning, inspection qualified products into the packaging waterproof sink dust impact to protect the accuracy of bearing quality for the purpose of using simple against packaging bearing sales rust rust rustproof packaging into door order as carrying a large number of used bearings for short-term adopt the principle of mutual agreement to use simple packaging: 2002 accession to the wto, machine experts challenge opportunity, we will increase the numerical control machine tools (research and development (r&d) water accelerate the development of nc affordable rambling China machine tool manufacturing service rival China the status quo of milling machine and machining center and market prospect of the technology both at home and abroad and lathe world development direction of the production, processing center demand and trend of the machine tool numerical control system development trend of world development trend both at home and abroad chip processing technology and the development of nc hind legs.
Share pu ball packaging and the packaging.[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Bearing is evaluated, and after the inspection, cleaning and antirust bag into the processing on population, dustproof, waterproof, sink in defence shocks, maintain the quality of the bearing and accuracy and convenient to use and sales objective.
Rust prevention is divided into three categories = ball package
In a short time (1) antirust packing = to rust for 3 to 6 months in the same transport a large number of subscribers, bearing applies only to in a short time. Both parties can negotiate principle, using the appropriate packaging. In order to prevent the packing ordinary anti = rust rust period 1 year is suitable for general purpose bearings. Rust prevention long ride to = rust prevention packaging used in special and precision bearing.
Packed in polyethylene plastic bags bearing file (a), leather, paper and wrinkles polyethylene composite paper, cartons and PE plastic PE or solid film, nylon belt or plastic belt tightening, solid mass, high strength plastic waterproof bag, etc. The above materials supplies to ensure that the material corrosion test.
Ball of the principle, the method requires
(1) population of miniature bearing = 10 to 15 bearing load of plastic pack 5 ~ 10 into plastic one by one (or package bags, right). (2) the medium and small bearings: many sets of bearing inner with PE film, medicine, paper and PE composite skin; Bag power load bearing many sets of plastic (a); Family bearing polyethylene film seal or fold mask bags installed a junior entry.
By car to large bearing:
Polyethylene film and polyethylene composite paper after repackaging, family installed one by one; Polyethylene film bag packing group after mouth installed in a suit on; One by one, special plastic box; Family 3 building = packing layer spread tightly bound with film or polyethylene (PE) composite with middle once use waterproof outer solid belt wearing plastic penetration.
(4) oversize bearings:
Family 3 layer bound up packaging navel; Regiment wins 4 body wrap = such packaging 3 layer bound up after packing, the outermost bound up 1 layer of linen.
Roll diameter, 150 mm or more irregular separation type of child bearing, inside and outside, before packing should be correct module polyethylene or inside and outside the film module packaging alone. Outside diameter, 150 mm rolling cylindrical swaps or child bearing easily damaged packing, etc., generally adopt module individually packaged.
On the ball packaging materials and requirements are as follows.
(1) double corrugated carton (always) the total weight per case no more than 25 kg medicine plastic belts externally packing; (2) nail version carton (national central museum) also can't more than the total weight 30 kg box medicine royal blue steel strapping; To tile plastic calcium rode to stare blankly box, each box for love no more than the total weight box plastic strapping package.
The bearing let off within this package product box when the first wrapped up boxes or plastic film; As accept gap corrugated paper box debris, confetti building material filling, etc.


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