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The centrifuge internal bearing seal structure transformation

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The centrifuge internal bearing seal structure transformation Empty The centrifuge internal bearing seal structure transformation

Post by nfhyjs on Thu Nov 27, 2014 4:05 am

Food exports of liquid centrifuge overflow I and build a strong area container, warehouse for container is equipped with high-speed operation and deposited in the increasing of solid at the end of the container is a solid, a liquid, on the other side of the flood.
Its main centrifuge parts, is the drum, transportation and GuoZai differential. In foreign trade department driving factors and drum. The aid system of the ship drum machine installation, at least the drums planet rapidly deliver aid, slow down the system. In order to determine the per second to drum and drum rotational speed divided by slower growth. Centrifuge, aid mechanism, moreover the global economic slowdown and r/min drum machine delivery speed 1100 r/min.
The problem of the centrifuge
Petrochemical company in 1995 switch to oxidation mechanism are very few, and with the operation of the [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.], the machine has been running cycles an average of two to three months (under normal circumstances, the running cycle for more than six months). Reduce the centrifuges operating life cycle, due to long-term operation greatly, has increased the intensity and revision and personnel. Over the years, the cause of the equipment failure analysis equipment not long for the following reasons:
(1), with wear, spare parts and aging problem main spare parts of communication. Have made great efforts and communication of spare parts, YouFeng ZhouTao NaiMoXing, materials and equipment operation and continuous YouFeng, ZhouTao pulp, accessible, the level of pollution reduction of bearing bearing equipment will improve the service life of the cycle.
(2) oil spare parts and equipment scheme of dynamic balance and equilibrium of destruction, equipment vibration, moved its operations.
By analyzing the fault, valuable resource WoChang external experience and reference for the equipment.
The material to cut off the rotation, 3.1 for life
Transportation system components bearing assembly on the feeding end bearing and repeated outbreaks bar, including internal gap and its payload. It must be completely bearing and spices. Fixed mechanical feeding tube in the design before the feed tube machine, condiments raw materials, machines and speed up the troops into the centrifugal effect of pulp was dumped in ZhouTao transhipment, YouFeng food, ratio of bearing, pollution, wear stage.
To solve this problem 3
The presence of the centrifuge, to compare the different methods in domestic, some mechanical seal circulation equipment manufacturers to install a steps, in about six months, but the high cost of the mechanical seal. Equipment more in-depth understanding, the internal structure of WoChang bearing centrifuge. End before installing an internal rotation feeding ". Its purpose is to change direction, prevent feed, rotation in order to reduce and cooking completely as shown in figure 3.
3.2 to reduce cause unrest
Centrifuge operation may shake, shake will accelerate wear and components, in so doing, it should be pointed out that, at the same time to minimize the vibrations. Wear parts of machinery or imbalance caused by deformation without the solid drum are imbalance phenomenon can also cause vibrations. WoChang centrifuge, update the track for the deal, the machine installation car old system should be strictly enforced to end the clean up the accumulation of materials; Dissolution of action must balance equipment claim. In the dynamic balance, first of all to take turns, to promote the whereabouts of all equipment, assembly equipment. Quality centrifuge drum (1.5 tons of measure 195 g less injustice.) Revise and equipment, equipment, long-term agreement.


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