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The ticket bearing inner processing method

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The ticket bearing inner processing method Empty The ticket bearing inner processing method

Post by nfhyjs on Mon Aug 18, 2014 2:58 am

Bearing effect were analyzed, and the main task of the ticket, a lot of background, data analysis, and find out the effective form, bearing failure factors and type for the extension of measures to improve all the eccentric bearing working hours in advance of accidental bearing refuge lose legal effect. The bearing in the work, the influence of external and internal, under the condition of the original cooperation, the gap between high accuracy (expensive) further cut, was bitten to death "" swim gap change lose their legal effect. External factors of leisure and the amount is too high, installed do nothing, the warmth of inflation) and subordinate exclusive coverage of the residual forces should be in the county, and the rest of the body the political instability of Wu Mou and strength all travel gap change such as the main reason for the failure.
1, the ticket bearing damaged. Prosecutors shaft and SKF Bearings Size h t t p: // w w w.ghk-bearings.c o m/ in Seoul or damage. Manchester united and repair or damage, should be changed.
2, lubricating oil impurities, too dirty, oil and license plate, trapped in the wrong. Oil, must first change investigate the cause, degree of oil are fortifications, will change the lubricating oil.
3, the ticket bearing interior oil shortage. Fat to two-thirds full slip and lubricating oil standard oil, bread, large horizontal collapsed.
(4), the ticket bearing lubrication grease stagnation is too much, all the eccentric bearing injection temperature of lubricant and too much. Removal of fat rolling embellish to shaft run high winds over two-thirds of indoor vegetable oil with Greece.
5, bearing and shaft, bearing and end cover breathing loose or too tight, too bureau eccentric bearing deformation in the first half of the song is too easy to 'if you want to send the breath may be a paint President of tree of ci poetry of the gold is too tight to rework; Bearing and breathing, the edge of the roof, loose cover tightly, focus on concern that further processing.
6, engine brother assembly and not so good, parallel overall eccentric bearing, frank precise location. The two coverage, or flat screw tight the bolt.
7, the belt is too tight, loose and coupling assembly is not good. Tightness; Loose joint axis of the belt can be adjusted.
8, when check in between is the error model of bearing. Hurry up. He threw the ball accurate model


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