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Tapered roller bearing clearance from technology

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Tapered roller bearing clearance from technology Empty Tapered roller bearing clearance from technology

Post by nfhyjs on Tue Apr 15, 2014 8:46 am

Tapered roller bearing with composite load bearing (there are both radial force and axial force) of the significant advantages and is widely used in industrial field. Tapered roller bearing axial clearance is correct or not directly determines the operating life of the bearing, and the adjustment of the clearance is a precision, high technology content of the project, often need professional personnel and special equipment to implement, especially in the field of mass production, such as the auto industry, for each bearing system by artificial clearance adjustment will pay a heavy labor costs, and inefficient. And if the clearance testing and adjusting, using special equipment requires a certain amount of fixed assets investment and the corresponding equipment maintenance costs. For this kind of situation, timken the Set - Right? Tolerance control technology, the use of products to the default of tapered roller bearing clearance, avoided during the adjustment process of assembly, not only greatly improve the assembly efficiency, reduces the customer's production costs, and ensure the accuracy of the clearance adjustment.Support the shaft bearing h t t p:/ / fagbearings.freeblog.b i z/2014/04/15/support-the-shaft-bearing/
Traditional taper roller bearing clearance adjustment method mainly adopts artificial or professional equipment for measuring clearance or torque, a professional adjustment process can indeed meet with the Set - Right? Considerable accuracy, but there are some interference factors and constraints. Such as through clearance measurement method and the torque measurement method to adjust the clearance, the accuracy of the measuring equipment, personnel, skills, equipment structure design and calculation of bearing parts the influence of the rotational torque, etc, have higher requirements.
Timken Set - Right? Technology is defined as: by controlling each component assembly tolerance values of variables and by using the principle of the theory of probability and statistics, 99.73% of the tapered roller bearing clearance after assembly to reach the required clearance value, avoid the extra adjust the clearance process. Which covers the theory of probability and statistics theory, the dimension chain calculating the lean manufacturing and six sigma concept. The technology for decades has been adapted for use by many customers, in the car wheel side take power, industrial gear box, engineering machinery and other fields is widely used. Compared with the traditional clearance adjustment method, its advantage summarized as follows:
1. Reduce production line manpower cost and technical capacity requirements
2. All of the assembly components without matching, which can realize rapid and accurate assembly, the most suitable for mass production
3. Avoid assembly field data measurement and adjustment steps
4. No clearance adjustment with special equipment and jig
5. Cancel the clearance adjustment of regular use gaskets and other parts
6. Aftermarket maintenance easier, rapid and accurate
The detailed introduction Set - Right? Technology principle and application of the method.
A, the Set - Right? The principle of
Of bearing system of the bearings, shaft, bearing, baffle and other components have their own design tolerance, the production process and the equipment, materials, personnel and environment factors such as manufacturing errors, the manufacturing error of qualified products in the design of tolerance within the scope of minimum and maximum values for volatility. Some parts of the final size will be close to the tolerance allowed the border, but the majority of the size of the parts processing after will conform to the normal distribution of statistical probability, as shown in figure 1. The abscissa of tolerance values, the ordinate to appear a certain tolerance value of frequency


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