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Bookmark and share the address of forexgreenland - Forex forum,Forex training, Forex signals, Forex mgt accts on your social bookmarking website

Bookmark and share the address of Forexgreenland - Forex forum,Forex training, Forex signals, Forex managed accounts on your social bookmarking website

How To Prevent Your E-gold Account From Being Hacked

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How To Prevent Your E-gold Account From Being Hacked Empty How To Prevent Your E-gold Account From Being Hacked

Post by egolddon on Sun Dec 30, 2007 3:19 am

E-mail accounts of many people were spammed with messages looking like the ones from E-gold customer support. In these messages users were urged to click on the provided link and enter their account numbers and passwords as well as their e-mail logins and passwords.
they were sent out by some scammers/hackers, willing to hack into your E-gold accounts and steal your money. Keep in mind that E-gold would NEVER ask you to enter your e-mail data in the process of accessing your account. In case you receive an e-mail message which looks like the ones from E-gold, never click on the link provided in it

First of all, it is better to access the E-gold website via their secure IP protocol ( rather than via the standard address (http://www.e-gold.com). In case you get a pop-up notification about a data mismatch in E-gold's security certificate, take your time to check its number prior to proceeding to your account. In order to do it, click on "Check Certificate" in the notification window (as mentioned above, it pops up automatically - otherwise, you've got no reasons to worry). E-gold certificate number should be the following: 587C C88D BAAB DFC3 FD81 BB2E 5B93 6931. In case of the certificate number being different, it is better to close the window of your browser and do everything all over again.

E-gold has taken extensive security measures to prevent the accounts of its members from unauthorized access. The most important of these measures are Browser Access settings and IP Address Change Sensitivity. The first measure detects the change of an Internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla etc) with the help of which an E-gold account is being accessed while the second one is in charge of an IP address change (when you are using a different computer).
Use a different e-mail address to sign up with investment programs. If your local ISP does not provide you with an e-mail address (which would be the most ultimate option), it is best to use public e-mail services with higher level of security (for instance, you might consider Gmail.com or FastMail.com whose accounts are not easy to hack). Try to avoid using Hotmail or Yahoo - professional hackers crack their passwords within a couple of hours.


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